Placenta Encapsulation Training

A course by Esther Hornstein, L.Ac., Dipl.

A pre-recorded, online course
3 PDA/CEU’s approved from the California Acupuncture Board.

Designed for the acupuncturist and Chinese medicine practitioner… but anyone may take this course!

Join Esther Hornstein, L.Ac., Dipl. as you begin your journey to become a placenta specialist!

The practice of Placentophagia is becoming increasingly popular in the United States. What used to be a practice in India, China and other eastern countries is now becoming more common in the West due to the overwhelming benefits.

The most commonly reported benefits from placenta encapsulation are:

arrow_right Increased milk production
arrow_right Prevention of post partum depression
arrow_right Faster return to health after birth
arrow_right Decreased chance of iron deficiency
arrow_right Aiding restful sleep
arrow_right Helps cope with post partum cramping and surgical pain

My 3 hour course teaches you everything from beginning to end about doing placenta encapsulation. You can be of service to families in YOUR community.

This course will cover:

goldchk History of Placentophagia
goldchk Traditional Chinese Medicine uses for placenta
goldchk Understanding the benefits
goldchk Reference of blood born pathogens
How to protect yourself and others by avoiding the spreading of disease according to Universal Precautions.
Complete details and videos on how to make placenta tinctures, pills and prints.


The post partum phase is such a vulnerable time for the mother and her growing family. Your skills in placenta preparation is crucial to guarantee that she is balanced emotionally and physically.

As opposed to pharmaceuticals, placenta supplements are healthy for breast feeding babies and even increases lactation!

By becoming a placenta specialist your education and professionalism gives you an edge in the field, and will ensure that mothers will continue to benefit from placentophagia even if celebrities stop doing it.

You will also learn:

arrow_right How to comprehensively approach the practical and theoretical aspects of placentophagia.
arrow_right How to profoundly improve the quality of life in new mothers and newborns.
arrow_right How herbal remedies that you make can reduce the need for pharmaceutical anti-depressants.
arrow_right How to add income to your practice.
arrow_right Tips on practice management.


Also included with this program;mombaby1


A FAQ sheet to help guide you and your clients/patients through the process with topics such as


  • what to expect from hospitals
  • what do to in unusual birth situations
  • side effects

You’ll also get;

Tips on Practice Management: how to keep your practice running smoothly while taking on placenta clients, pricing, marketing etc.

Plus an intake form template, instruction sheet, hospital liability waiver and note summary with pictures in pdf.

This program is normally priced at $125

Current Special Price is ONLY $75!! 


“My training with Esther to become a placenta encapsulator, was excellent. I felt that Esther’s passion for placenta encapsulation made the training that much more meaningful. She guided me in the proper and safe handling and processing the placenta. When I completed the training I felt confident and excited about beginning to encapsulate placentas on my own.”
– Robin Maza – Acupuncturist, Massage Therapist, Doula

“Esther is so knowledgeable and very thorough in her presentation. She demystified this mysterious topic, took out the “ick” factor and made the placental encapsulation process do-able. Esther also covered the benefits that a mom could expect from taking placenta capsules, different ways to prepare placentas, as well as the process for preparing tinctures. We even got to play with placenta art prints! Esther is engaging and supportive and I learned so much. Take this class, you won’t be sorry!”
– Rena Levin- Holistic Nutritional Consultant

“Thanks to Esther I was able to make a new income revenue for myself while helping mothers in one of their most vulnerable times. She was patient and explained every step of the encapsulation process with the reasons behind the way to do things. I came out with an understanding of the science behind placenta encapsulation as well as a better idea on how to run my business successfully.”
– Yehudit Meira Chervony – Doula

“I am currently a doula and was I introduced to the idea of placenta encapsulation along my journey. The idea intrigued me and I was highly recommended to Esther, who had been doing placenta encapsulation for quite a while. Esther not only taught me the detailed process of encapsulating placentas, but she showed me that there was more to being a placenta specialist then just encapsulating. Esther taught me that along with encapsulating placentas comes a grace and beauty and she infused a love and passion for it as well. It was a wonderful and beautiful experience being trained and guided by Esther.”
– Tammy Elbaz – Doula

Current Special Price is ONLY $75!! 


Esther Hornstein graduated from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine – NY. During her graduate training she focused in women’s health. Her internships, served in Lutheran Medical Center’s labor and delivery department and NYU Langone’s Initiative for Women with Disabilities, greatly guided her practice which is primarily geared to women’s mental and physical health. Her own experiences with post partum recovery brought her to learn about placenta remedies in conjunction with TCM. She has been a placenta specialist since 2010 and teaching others how to provide placenta remedies since 2012

“This course is for educational purposes only. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that he or she is in compliance with state laws.”
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