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What are Ear Seeds and how can they help you?
Your ears are covered in a network of powerful nerve endings which when stimulated, send messages to the brain to create a therapeutic or healing effect elsewhere in the body.
Ear Seeds are no-needle acupressure pellets that are stuck onto those points in order to stimulate them for days at a time.
Your ears are the gateway to your body's health and wellness
EarSeeds.com brand ear seeds use the highest quality, jewelry-grade 24K gold plated pellets to stimulate the points.

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What else can ear seeds help with?

Ear seeds are based off the system of auriculotherapy which is a complete medical system built around the nerve endings on the ear. When you know where they go, they can be used for a wide variety of health issues.

Ear seeds are simple to use...
Just Peel,
Single Gold Ear Seed
& Press on the Point
Watch these live reactions and decide for yourself.

Note, some of these videos feature our Vaccaria seeds, which work on the same pressure principle as our gold ear seeds.

Her Story "Shocked" us! 😝
(She was legit electrocuted)
Back & Wrist Pain - Poof, gone--- Whaaaat?
Visual Diagnosis of Neck Pain... and then, gone.
A 4-day long headache... gone.
The whole waitstaff's Assorted Pain, gone.
Knee Pain / Arthritis disappeared in seconds
In the last few years ear seeds have received a ton of press... here are just a few examples...
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